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Bored Pier Footings

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Concrete Free Pier Footing

If you’re looking for innovative, concrete free pier footing for the construction of a pier, look no further than All Footing Solutions. Our qualified engineers can design, manufacture and install a foundation that’s designed to match the needs of your project.

Our convenient, concrete free pier footing technology is known as ALLFOOT. Perfect for bored pier footings, the ALLFOOT high-grade steel solution has a range of advantages that helps it stand above the rest.

Unlike conventional concrete footings, you don’t need any heavy machinery to install ALLFOOT foundations and they are ready to use as soon as they are installed. This allows for a fast and simple installation and a more economical process overall.

The ALLFOOT is resistant to moisture and termite damage, which is particularly important for bored pier footings, and ALLFOOT foundations are also height adjustable and easily modified.

To learn more about why ALLFOOT is perfect for your bored pier foundations, contact our team today to discuss your project.

  • Designed to suit your project needs
  • Easily modified
  • Quick installation
  • Height adjustable
  • Minimise environmental impact
  • Resistant to moisture and termites
  • Can be used immediately once installed
  • Can be used in temporary or permanent applications
  • Can be installed where conventional footings cannot
  • Can be installed where site access is limited

Don’t hesitate to contact the knowledgeable and experienced team at All Footings Solutions today to learn more about the benefits of our alternative pier footing services.

Bored Pier Foundations and Footings in Melbourne and Australia

The ALLFOOT bored pier foundation has been designed and manufactured in Australia using Australian materials. All Footings Solutions offers a design, manufacturing, supply and installation service for bored pier footings in Melbourne or wherever you are across Australia. Even in the remotest of locations, you can benefit from the innovative technology on offer in the ALLFOOT.

Get in touch now to discuss what you need from your bored pier footings in Melbourne or across Australia.

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