You can really do it yourself!
    Load Capacity: 30kN
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    The easiest solution for the residential construction!
    Load Capacity: 100kN
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    A Versatile footing that can take the most hard-to-reach places and guarantee a good installation.
    Load Capacity: 100kN
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    The prefect support for the edge beams and strip footings.
    Load Capacity: 100kN
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    Ideal for replacing screw piles and bored piers.
    Load Capacity: 100kN
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  • AF-H6


    The light footing for the heavy loading!
    Load Capacity: 150kN
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  • Designed to suit your project needs
  • Quick installation
  • Minimise environmental impact
  • Can be used immediately once installed
  • Can be installed where conventional footings cannot
  • Easily modified
  • Height adjustable
  • Resistant to moisture and termites
  • Can be used in temporary or permanent applications
  • Can be installed where site access is limited

Steel Footings

When it comes to comprehensive and reliable steel footing installations for any and all building projects, clients know to call on the experts here at All Footings Solutions.

Steel footings provide the support and strength of concrete footings, with the added and crucial benefit of superior durability. These footings can be used in the construction of a number of different properties, both residential and commercial, and are more straightforward and efficient to install than concrete alternatives.

The All Footings Solutions team are skilled and experienced in steel footing installation services, ensuring that all clients receive accurate, dependable, and quality workmanship on all jobs.

ALLFOOT - An Economical Solution

Traditional concrete footings are a thing of the past thanks to the team at All Footing Solutions. We have developed the innovative, 100% Australian Made ALLFOOT, which is a new technology that brings adjustable, easily modified concrete-free footings to the market.

All Footing Solutions has developed this versatile, concrete-free footing in Melbourne, and it is available to be designed, manufactured, supplied, and installed anywhere across Australia. Concrete free foundations are especially useful when you need solid footings in hard access sites or remote areas. No heavy machinery is required to install an ALLFOOT product, meaning you can get concrete free foundations in Melbourne or the most remote, difficult to access worksites in the country!

ALLFOOT is the way of the future in load bearing construction techniques which provide an innovative alternative to traditional concrete means. Constructed from high grade steel, available in various configurations to suit most applications, and soil types.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, our innovative design allows the ALLFOOT to be modified to have custom assemblies and parts, for any construction fixing solution.

ALLFOOT’s unique design allows for efficient installation, where time is of essence and conventional concrete footings cannot be utilised.

Don’t hesitate to contact the experienced and trusted team here at All Footings Solutions to learn more about the benefits of using ALLFOOT, and to see if it is suitable for an upcoming construction or renovation project.

ALLFOOT has a wide and versatile range of applications, and is used by the All Footings Solutions team in the following installations: